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Get email for you and your team. Easy on admin, private & secure. Like it should be.
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All your accounts at a glance

Email like it should be

Everything you need

Every email account comes with contacts and calendar. Create forwards and groups like support@ or designers@.

  • Flexible mailbox sizes
  • Contacts & calendar
  • Forwards & groups

Unlimited domains

Use your own domain for your email. Add as many domains you want for additional brands and products.

  • Your own domain
  • Domain aliases
  • Unlimited domain names

Thought throuh apps

Mailful is thoughtfully designed from the inside out with intuitive UI and powerful features on web, desktop and mobile.

  • Cross-platform apps
  • Fast & responsive
  • Efficient & powerful

Easy on admin

Quick onboarding

Onboard your teammates quickly with our simple step-by-step guide

  • Team onboarding
  • Step-by-step guide


Email users can do a lot of tasks them­selves with our self-serve site

  • Self-service for email users
  • Let your team help themselves

Superb support

We’re ready to answer your questions and resolve your issues

  • Friendly support staff
  • Swift replies and answers

Private & secure

Less spam

Our robust spam and virus filtering and dedicated anti-spam team help keep your inbox squeaky clean

  • Spam & virus filtering
  • Dedicated anti-spam team
  • White- and blacklisting

Safe data

Your account, messages, contacts and calendar are safe with our secure data centers that has 99.9% uptime

  • Modern secure data centers
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Optional two-factor authentication

Assuringly private

No tracking or algorithms that read your email to display ads. Keep clear of ‘big tech’ and ‘big data’. Don’t be the product.

  • No algorithms
  • No tracking
  • No ads

Last but not least

Proudly independent

We’re a small tight-knit team working for our customers.

Profit for the planet

We pledge to give back to fight the climate crisis.

Migration help

Big team? We’d love to help you migrate to Mailful.